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Founded in 2004 by Dan Clayton , Andy Ingram, and Shawn Johnson, Dayton Music Fest sought to showcase the burgeoning music scene bustling in Dayton, OH. Long a cradle of exceptional creativity, Dayton’s underground talent often gets overlooked by the national scene, as well as those living in the region.

Now in its 9th year and curated by Don Thrasher & Kyle Melton, DMF seeks to shine a spotlight on Dayton’s indie music scene, creating a portrait of where the local scene stands circa 2013. In addition, we seek to showcase expatriates that reside in other areas of the country, but still maintain ties to the Gem City. Taken altogether, DMF is an opportunity to enjoy the rich musical talents coming from Dayton.

With daytime events open to all ages, we hope that Dayton Music Fest is an event that brings out young and old alike to witness a unique musical event.

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